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More people than ever look online to find local good and local trades, however just being on the WWW does not mean you will be found.

Step in “Big white dot”.

Time for a new approach in these times where things are changing.

Our business model has been designed to give your business maximum exposure to your “Target Market”. Starting at borough level and drilling down to your local town, Our marketing strategy will allow you to target your local area like never before with advertising from as little as .75p per day.

Our business model is based on keeping it simple, targeting your local market. You can use our Voucher option to entice customers to your business, entirely up to you. We will assist and offer advice on what we feel will work to expand your customer base, but it’s your decision.

We support and drive people to you with our “Local Target Marketing” and you will see the how our Big white dot developing network can deliver you results.


Big white dot Starting in the Borough of Bexley our market is targeted with all effort aimed into this area.Estimated population of LBB is around 230,000, with the local high street on average attracting people from within a few miles or so locally.

Our targeted marketing and promotions will attract increasing numbers to view your services and any offers you have leading to potentially increased sales.

Big white dot Display your and see the difference.


  • Internet growth and advertising has become the fastest form of media on it
  • UK search for discounts and deals online increases in excess of 40% a year
  • Voucher advertising is said to be the most powerful media yet
  • Target marketing is cost effective and more advantageous for a number of businesses
  • This trend is due to grow and shows no signs of slowing down
  • Businesses failed at a record rate during 2011.
  • High streets are falling into decline making it unfriendly to visit.
  • All are feeling the decline and finding it difficult to turn around stagnant growth.
  • Council’s greed in local parking matters is driving people away.
  • Council rates are bleeding out businesses

Your business will profit from what amounts to a very small financial outlay compared with local newspapers or bin bound marketing hand-outs. You only need , a fact that will be proven.

Direct Marketing

The boasts of others, 80,000 circulation (More like 79,000 well feed Bins, That’s if the paper is every delivered) best read papers in the county, increase your sales using our prehistoric marketing methods, Yea right.

Big white dot You will see our campaigns because we will advise you when and where, we will monitor all traffic to our site, to your page, when people downloading your voucher, print your code or browsing your offerings and that coupled with feedback from you and our members makes for a success.


Please open the book below to see how the advertising and banners will work for you and your business.

It is easy to register, simply click here to fill out our simple registration form. We will then contact you to complete the process and set you up with a free no obligation trial.

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