Big White Dot

Questions and Answers:

We get lots of mail and always want to answer your enquiries. That's why we has created this mini FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions. Just click on any question to display the answer.

Q. Who or what is “Big White Dot (BWD)”?

A: Big White Dot are a local advertising site that promotes and targets your local market, the site has been design to allow local search of Business by Borough by Town by Service or by product. By using us you target your local market.

Q. Why would I advertise with BWD?

A: BWD advertises in your target market area at a reasonable rate compared to other media, our aim is to build a self-sustaining community where you not only are a customer but also a user. When you need any service or product local the first place you look is BWD.

Q. What does it cost?

A: We are offering a Full Page advert for free until April 2013 after that it will cost from 75 pence per day plus VAT.

Q. What happens after April if I dont pay?

A: After April your full page add will revert to a listing containing your contact details and a brief 25 word description and will stay on the site for Free.

Q. How will we know if people are finding our page?

A: Many businesses now have web sites but just because you’re on the WWW means nothing unless you can be found, as a combined force and with our marketing BWD will exposed you to your local target market enhancing your sales potential. We will send a quarterly update showing our progress and the increase in traffic searching for your business and services.

Q. What are the vouchers for?

A: The vouchers are for you to offer promotions, everyone’s after a deal/ something for nothing. Just email and we will send you an eform that can be used for a specific promotion at a specific date, to advise of a sale or anything else you want to bring into the public domain. The voucher will automatically load onto your page when submitted (takes upto24hrs).

Q. How much do the vouchers cost?

A: Dependent on what advertising service you have signed up for governs the number of free voucher offers available to you in a contract period. Until April 2013 you get 1 free voucher.

Q. What are the banners on the search pages?

A: The banners are a method of enhancing your company’s exposure to our users, each borough and town listed has these enhanced advertising opportunities available at very reasonable rates.

Q. How do I get my company listed?

A: Simply send an email to giving your name and business name and we will send you the eform. Simply fill in your details and write a description of your company’s activity’s or services press submit and your company details will be uploaded onto your very own web page within our site.

Q. Can I show my company logo.

A: Yes, just send us a copy of your company Logo formatted no larger than 450 x 300 pixels and we will upload for free. During the period between now and April 2013 we will assist you for free.

Q. Do I need to do anything else?

A: No, we will contact you via email to explain your options and opportunities.

Q. anything else?

A: Yes, Welcome to the Big White Dot.